These are the most recent acquisitions of our company, which have made us to be innovative and stand out even more. They are divided into five categories which are the mobile dance floors, concert platforms, congratulation or exhibition platforms, fashion show catwalks and pool platforms.

Concert Platforms

They have wide application and can be used in large concerts, small entertainment events or product launches by companies. Basically they are pedestals with which we can create any kind of platform, depending on your needs. The platform will raise to the desired height our show or the product that will be presented and help them be visible and discernible to all attendees.

Congratulations Platforms

It is a newly introduced product in the Cyprus market and seems to have a widespread appeal. Basically it is a glass pedestal on which the groom, the bride and their parents can stand in order to receive the congratulations of the guests on the wedding day. The platform includes impressive decoration beneath its transparent floor while the decor is highlighted with concealed lighting, the colour of which you can choose.

Pool Platforms

Imagine your pool to be converted into a dance floor or in a beautiful dining veranda, where you can dine with friends celebrating your birthday, your anniversary or some other unique moment of your life. Using the new generation of «plexiglass transparent stages» we can handle the surface of any pool in a smart way and give you the opportunity to have fun over the crystal water of your swimming pool.

Catwalk Platforms for Fashion Shows

We are active in the field of fashion shows launching new technology with a transparent catwalk floor. We can add concealed lighting at the catwalk and the glass floor can get the colour you prefer. This creates a milky and flashy surface and gives a different touch to the presentation of the models.

Happy clients say

We were fascinated with your site, the wide range of services you offer and your warm welcome. Your professionalism was evident from the very first moment.

Anthony & Sylvia Pagiafla Wedding, Nicosia - 27/12/2012

I have been living and working in Cyprus for 11 years and can say without a minute of hesitation that you and your team by no means is one of the rare professionals you might be lucky to find on the island.

Alla Caminaridou - Deputy Director, MGI Gregoriou & Co, Certified Public Accountants (CY)

The cheerfulness which was created was unprecedented and it is something that the guests will remember with pleasure. This helped us to give a special character to our European Presidency meetings. What I appreciated especially though was Phedias Polystypiotis’ good character, his punctuality to our meetings and his willingness to help and satisfy all our requirements.

George Antoniou Registrar Drugs Council Pharmaceutical Services - Cyprus Ministry of Health

You have the ability to understand your customers' needs and offer them exactly what they ask for, in a flexible but professional manner.

Anthony & Sylvia Pagiafla Wedding, Nicosia - 27/12/2012


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