Low Fog Machines

As it name suggests produces beautiful floor-hugging fog effect. A high power fog machine inside creates amounts of fog which is chilled to create a low lying (40 cm) ground hugging fog effect.

Flame Machines

This is an awesome effect since the machine can fire a coloured flame up to 4 meters using special colour fluid for flame effect. It’s perfect for outdoor or indoors use in high roof buildings. Also it creates unique effect when combined with fireworks or laser projectors.

Happy clients say

You cannot imagine how excited all of our delegates were and they’re still thanking us for our successful event!

Alla Caminaridou Deputy Director - MGI Gregoriou & Co, Certified Public Accountants (CY)


Confetti Cannons

It blows any kind of confetti into sky more than 6 meters high and release them free fall slowly. The effect is like confetti rain fall down. It is good for indoor or outdoor use and for better results we recommend to use a pair of cannons to set up as left and right.

Bubble Μachines

The bubble machine creates a constant stream of thousands of bubbles and an external LED par can be used to colour up the bubbles. Filling the air with colourful bubbles make it a perfect effect for parties, weddings or any event that requires a dreamy atmosphere.

Water Effect Projector

This truly amazing projector provides a very realistic water effect gobo ideal for decoration and architectural lighting. It projects a great visual image on walls or floors that looks like flowing or rippling water. A great advantage of this projector is the option of colour changing of the water effect gobo.

Fire Fountain

A ground firework that erupts flames periodically when triggered, giving a beautiful sparkling effect to any event. Different sizes are available ranging from 2 meters to 4 meters high. The fire fountain can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Logo Projector

Logo projector can be installed anywhere that you want to shine an image and it has several applications. The logo projector can project a wedding monogram on the dance floor or on the walls of a wedding venue but it can also project a company logo for promotion during a corporate event.

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