Laser Beam Show

With laser beam shows more or less we are creating a video clip to accompany a specific song. We always take inspiration from the lyrics, the mood, the feeling and the meaning of the song and create movements in 3D beams, atmospherics, text and abstracts and make the song an aural and visual pleasure at the same time.

Laser Graphic Show

Ideal option for corporate events, product promotional parties or shows as also for wedding parties. In this option we will create a 4-5 minute laser film from scratch in which we will present the activities and maybe the development of the company from the early beginning till today. We are able to include logos, text and figures in animation format. In the case of a wedding we will develop a film to present the couple’s love story in a short laser clip in order to replace the common photo slide show or the same day video.

In order to create a measure to measure film like this we need to design and create laser animation frames (like they do in cartoons) and add to them special effects in order to have motion leading to an interesting and enjoyable final output. That is far way more complex and needs match more work to accomplish in comparison with the Laser Beam Show described above.

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Happy Clients Say:

The cheerfulness which was created was unprecedented and it is something that the guests will remember with pleasure. This helped us to give a special character to our European Presidency meetings. What I appreciated especially though was Phedias Polystypiotis’ good character, his punctuality to our meetings and his willingness to help and satisfy all our requirements.

George Antoniou Registrar Drugs Council Pharmaceutical Services - Cyprus Ministry of Health

I would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation and professionalism you showed us. Both the dancers and musicians were superb. The entertainment programme was very carefully planned to the finest detail. During the welcoming, the meal, the dancing and the music selection.

George Antoniou Registrar Drugs Council Pharmaceutical Services - Cyprus Ministry of Health