The interactive floor is a floor projection that reacts to any movement observed over the projection area. This impressive product is part of our technical services, related to the entertainment services and has many applications, some of which are: At the congratulations area during a wedding, at a corporate event, during christenings or birthday parties, for advertising and marketing campaigns, at the entry area of a shop, hotel reception, a shopping mall and many more.

How It Works

The floor is actually the interactive projection which perceives and interacts at the minimum movement of a person. The philosophy of the product is based on the interaction of the visitor with the projection. The fact that we can put the visitor in the centre of the action can automatically gain their attention and pass successfully your desired messages. A projector is used from the ceiling to the floor while a camera detects the projection area. Once motion is observed it automatically instructs the computer to enable the graphic effects. The system software has multiple graphic options depending on the purpose for which it will be used e.g. kids entertainment, wedding graphics, christening graphics, graphics for Christmas or Easter themes or marketing and advertising campaigns. Interactive floor is been successfully used by many international brands and companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, mobile phone brands. They have been intergrading interactive floors in their advertising campaigns and promotions with tremendously effective results.

Most common applications of interactive floor

Scenario 1: During a wedding reception could create a walk path leading to the bright and groom. The walk path paved with rose petals will cover an impressive graphic that will shine the names of the newlyweds and the wedding date. The moment a guest will walk over the interactive floor then the rose petals will move to reveal the graphic underneath petals.

Scenario 2: It could be very effective at the reception area of a corporate event where we can project a fish pond with pebbles and water lilies. In the bottom of the lake could be shown a graphic with the company logo or maybe a promotional message. When a guest walk over the "fish pond" will feel like walking on the water, can feel the water wave, will hear the splash of water and fishes will swim away to avoid their footsteps.

Scenario 3: During a birthday party could be used as a reception with a customised birthday graphic together with fireworks effect. For kids birthdays the interactive floor can easily be used as a digital playground since the system includes dozens of interactive games for all ages.

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